Vehicle Testing

Vehicle Testing

Almutakamela is a state-of-the-art vehicle testing center and one of the leading RTA testing centers in Dubai with a wide range of services.


RTA Test

All vehicles must pass the RTA test to proceed with registration & renewal process.

Our state-of-the-art vehicle testing center is one of the leading RTA testing centers in Dubai. It provides wide range of car testing services such as RTA testing, computer diagnostic, chassis testing CCM, comprehensive testing and inspection.

We have introduced the latest and most advanced technologies in the car testing field. It deploys an automated intelligent test lines concept which is designed by one of the world-leading vehicle testing solution providers (VLT).

This service includes

  • Light vehicle testing
  • Motorbike testing
  • Export/import testing
  • Mechanical devices
  • Heavy vehicle testing
  • Fleet testing
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Almutakamela Advantages


Expert Team

Over 20 years of experience within the automotive industry allow us to deliver a unique customer experience.


Quick and Professional Service

Our well-trained staff uses the latest technologies and tactics to offer a quick and professional service.


Remarkable experience

Our team is ready to go that extra mile to offer you the best car registration and renewal service.

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